Born as Khairunnisa Dottie Khairuddin on the 13th November 1989 at Kinta Medical Centre, Ipoh. Yes, without any doubt I am Malay,  Minangkabau to be exact with Afghan+Hidustani+Kampa blood.

Brought up as the only child in the family, I love animals especially furry ones like cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters even though I’m allergic to all of it. I am a sister to a cat, daughter, granddaughter, student, writer and part-time emcee. A Diploma in Hotel Management holder, I’m currently pursuing my first Degree, B. Ed. (Hons) TESL [Teaching English as a Second Language].

As an English lecturer and politician in the making, I LOVE writing so much and writing has always been my passion. The best way to express my feelings is by writing, but not all are based solely on my emotions. Most of it are ideas that I got either by watching movies, television series, or when I read something interesting. My entries used to be written all in English, but just recently i decided to write in Malay and English. (Just a marketing strategy) Scubs is a word I created myself which stands for draft and scribbles that I had written.


Yours truly. 🙂