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Good Morning Love

Good morning love
It’s a lovely day today
How I wish you’re here with me
And the time stops right here right now

Good morning love
It’s a beautiful day today
I would give up anything
Just to have you here with me

I miss the times
We used to spend together
I miss the laughs
That we had when you cracked jokes
I miss your lips
Kissing me softly all over my face
I miss your arms
Wrapped around me

I feel secured whenever I’m with you
I feel safe whenever I’m with you


Signed, sealed, posted,




I might not have the perfect skin
As I bear ugly scars here and there
I might not have the perfect hair
As my hair is unnatural
I might not have the perfect look
As I’m not as pretty as any other girls
I might not have the perfect character
As I’m not as crazy and bubbly as any other girls
What I am is a flaw
An imperfection

I was scared to express my feelings
And it wasn’t the right time to do so
The thoughts of will you accept imperfection
Simply lead me to sleepless nights
As I might not be the best person for you

Despite all these
I find it prominent for me to justify my feelings
As I couldn’t keep it to myself
Accept me for who I am
And don’t ask me to change into someone I’m not
Accept this imperfection
As I will love and cherish you for the rest of my life

Signed, sealed, posted,



Whenever i’m with you,
i’ll forget all my sorrows
you make my day
and will never make me feel
so down and lonely.

Without you,
i’m lost,
lost with all the memories
we had together,
how time flies so quickly.

Sometimes i feel that
time is jealous
with us,
passing by so quickly
never give us chance
to really be together.

With you,
i’ll melt,
with you,
i’ll blush,
with you,
i’ll laugh my heart out.

Without you
i feel so lonely,
i feel so moody,
i don’t know
why the sudden change
by not having you around
even for a minute,


Signed, sealed, posted,


Confessions Of A Lover

You complete me
With the ways you treat me
The ways you make me laugh
The ways you make me melt
And only you know exactly
What to do
To make my day

I’ve never loved a person
The way I love you
Because there’re no other guys
Who would know who I really am
Who could see how I truly am
And who could accept me
For who I am


Signed, sealed, posted,



22nd November 2012 marks the 26th wedding anniversary of my parents. I didn’t get them any present but I wrote them a short poem instead. It was a very last minute idea. I wrote it a few minutes before they left.

Beautiful sun shines the day,

A  must-see scene, that I’d pay,

It is not even the month of May,

But it is indeed a happy day.

26 years of tolerance and love,

23 of which, includes me,

Joy, happiness, tears and lots of laugh,

A perfect combination that makes thee.

On this special day, we celebrate you,

Not a big celebration, but it will do,

Mummy and Papa, I love you.



Myself with Mummy and Papa


Signed, sealed, posted,


Scubs 1

A Thursday night filled with darkness and sorrow,

Every single memory tossed in a burrow,

I’m left alone unprepared for tomorrow.


Sitting in my room, outside is raining,

Staying next to me, my roommate is sleeping,

I think back and I started crying.


So I wait in the dark, waiting for the sun to shine,

Outside i could only hear children’s whine,

And my neighbor’s dog smells like swine.

Mr Guitarist.

He may look kinda geeky,

‘Cause he plays with robots everyday,

But believe me he is not ordinary,

Listen to me for what I say.


In T-shirt and jeans he looks like a boy,

I said “Hey!”, he said “Oi!”,

Optimus Prime is his toy,

He is after all – Uncle Boy.


Tashya’s Ink is his band,

He plays guitar with his right hand,

When he performs he looks hot,

You hear girls screaming, but I fear not.


Cute and cuddly like Yogi Bear,

Kind and sweet are what he is,

A lot of things that we share,

He is my one and only – Mr. Guitarist.

.Iriz Iziad Abdullah.

p.s: Iriz is my cousin.