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Diplomatic Precint, Putrajaya






What a coincidence! I just did my hair today. No I didn’t purposely did my hair the day I was supposed to write this. Well, it’s not really something, but I did pay for it. Ngee.

VOILA! My new hair color is called Violet Red. ♥

I’m in love with my new hair color!

p.s: yes, YES. It is my Raya hair. Big Deal. Pffft.

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This is my favorite challenge so far, I have been looking forward to it since Day 1. 😛 Notice the “*” at the end of the title? If you see that in any of my 30 days challenge, it means those are my favorite posts. Specially for this post, I spent half a day imagining myself getting married tomorrow.  So I’m excited, you’re excited, let’s get on with it! 😀


As Malays, we have lots of tradition and customs that we need to follow. Before the solemnization ceremony, the couple needs to be engaged. Unlike the Westerners who automatically got engaged after the guy proposed to the girl, we Malays have our own tradition. The groom’s entourage (usually his family members) will go to the bride’s house to meet the parents bringing hantaran (gifts) for the bride. Next, the mother of the groom will put a ring(or two, depends on the groom’s family) on the bride’s finger. After the ring ceremony, both families will exchange hantaran and discuss a date for the solemnization ceremony. Usually the engagement period will normally take about 6 months but it’s totally up to both families. There are people who got engaged years before marriage. As for me, I want to be engaged for a maximum of 6 months. If possible, I want to get engaged a day before the solemnization ceremony. :p


Moving on. Like any other Muslims, the first step to a married life is the akad nikah (solemnization) ceremony. Only close family members and close friends will be invited to my akad nikah which will be held at my house, preferably in the morning. I have a very very huge extended family and preparing the invite list will take sometime as I don’t want to hurt any of their feelings. I want to use pastel colors for my akad nikah –  from the mini pelamin to the table top, oh and my baju pengantin. I have yet to decide what colors I’ll use for the ceremony but I’m 53% sure that I’ll be wearing peach and 47% white. And what do I want to wear? A simple elaborated (if it’s elaborated, it’s not simple isn’t it? :p) Baju Kurung Modern.

Something like this. Get the idea?

I want my husband to wear complete Baju Melayu. And by “complete” means with Samping.

Focus on the groom. This is an example of complete Baju Melayu. The 'thing' that is wrapped around his waist is Samping.

As for the mini pelamin:

Something like this but a little bit more elaborated.

But it must be decorated with fresh flowers. I love fresh flowers! If possible Tulips, but kalau susah sangat, roses will do. 🙂


I will have 2 wedding receptions – my side and the groom’s side. For my side of reception, I will invite a maximum of 500 guests. My parents and myself have tonnes of friends but unfortunately we won’t invite everyone. As I have mentioned earlier I have a huge family therefore inviting only couples like my aunts and uncles with their spouses will be taken into consideration. My reception will be held in the evening, the same day my akad nikah will be held. The theme for that evening shall be Malay Traditional Wedding with a Twist. What twist you might ask? I want a garden concept. I know, it is so cliche.  An outdoor garden that fits 500 guests max will be chosen for the dinner reception. My guests are allowed to wear any color they want as I don’t want to restrict them to a specific color. I want a simple, intimate, beautiful and elegant reception. As you scroll down this page you might think what’s so simple about this wedding, but trust me, I’ll do it as simple as I can.

I want to wear Kebaya Songket. To those who don’t know how it looks like:

See what Tuanku Zara wore on her wedding day? That is Kebaya Songket.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dream of marrying a prince. This is just an example to show the outfit that I want. After the Renjis (blessing) ceremony, dinner will be served.

The setting but I prefer less flowers, MORE food. 😀 I nak tables mcm tu.

After dinner, comes the cake cutting ceremony. I’ll change into a simple and elegant wedding gown (bila lagi nak merasa kan. ngee) and cut our three-tier wedding cake which stands for “I Love You”.

a MUSt have deco in a garden concept wedding. This is where I want to cut our wedding cake.

Ok. I think that’s enough. Tak mau berangan lagi dah. I know, some people might think that I want to get married because of THE wedding je. You know what? Screw you. It is every girl’s dream to get married but it’s not just about the wedding je. I know I’m still studying but somewhere deep down inside me I’m ready to be someone’s wife and mother. I’ll just have to wait for the right moment – which I don’t want to mention what it is.

Whatever it is I want KS Entourage to be my wedding planner.

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Dear Future Husband (whoever you may be), PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

White Horsey. ♥

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I’m sorry that I skipped yesterday’s post. I had no internet access then.


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Good English, Bad Teachers or Bad English, Good Teachers?

To some, they might take a little while to understand the title but for others it’s a piece of cake. If you’re having trouble to understand my title, BLAME YOUR ENGLISH TEACHERS!

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against English teachers – being an English Teacher-To-Be myself. It was that one article in NST’s 14th August 2011 issue that triggered me to write this article. The title in NST reads “Easygoing style firms up students’ English”. I know, you might think that there’s nothing wrong with the title, in fact I do agree with the title. I personally think that students who learn English language or any languages for that matter should be taught in a laid-back environment. So what is it that I disagree about the article? Read the cut out statement below:

“Strictly speaking, the 17 American Fullbright Scholars posted in Terengganu secondary schools as English Teaching Assistants (ETA) are not qualified teachers. Yet, they have been successful in improving the students’ grasp of English …………………..the ETAs have been successful without even a syllabus

Notice the bold words? Yes. That’s what I don’t agree with. Though it might seem to be a good initiative on improving our students’ English language, but it is totally unfair for our very own qualified English teachers. These teachers had learned a lot in classrooms and had undergone intensive trainings for a minimum of four years just to be called “teachers”. All those years of studying Phonetics, Morphology, Socialogy, Literature, Methodology, Syntax which basically are the science of English language mean nothing because at the end of the day, they won’t be picked.

Being a TESL student, I totally disagree with the idea of hiring non-experienced educators to teach our students just because it’s their Mother Tongue language. It is a huge problem now in Malaysia where the English teachers fail to improve our students. If really that’s the case, we should focus on what teachers should learn during their trainings. What teachers or future teachers must learn and focus on is Methodology. The another problem is the method that they use is very old fashioned. They need to learn how to tackle these students. One of the syllabus that must be taught in Methodology subject is how to overcome the student’s shyness and how to make students comfortable with themselves hence the environment should be a very laid-back classroom.

First we have to take a look at what makes our students reluctantly learn the English language. The main reason is simply because they have no interest in that language but they were forced to learn it and our government has put the pressure on both the students as well as the teachers. When students are forced into something that they don’t like, it will not only discourage them to learn that particular subject but that hatred feeling towards the subject will start to grow and blossom.

If you still insist on having the non experienced educators to teach our students, you can do so after school by having extra classes. But please always remember to prioritize our local qualified teachers. Give them a chance. I know we can do it. Whatever happened to the slogan “Malaysia Boleh”?

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Wow. What a question. The type which makes the person who answers it vain. haha. So what makes me different from everyone else? I would say the name “DOTTIE“.

Many of you might not know this, but the name “DOTTIE” isn’t a name that I simply choose for myself neither it’s a nickname. “DOTTIE” was given to me by my late Nenek (great-grandmother or what Malays call Moyang) – Hjh Maimunah Chin. You see, my late Nenek isn’t the type who loves and adore everyone in the family. She had 9 children of which my Opah (grandmother) is the eldest and tonnes of Cucus and Cicits (grandchildren and great grandchildren) It’s really hard to please this lady. But deep down inside she was a great lady, loved by her husband so much. Anyway, back to my story.

I was one of the lucky ones in the family to be adored by arwah Nenek. I don’t have to tell you the story behind the name “DOTTIE” though, it’s enough for everyone to know that the first time she saw me (a few days after I was born) she named me “DOTTIE” and she insisted everyone in the family to call me Dottie. That’s why my full name is Khairunnisa Dottie Khairuddin.

Hjh Maimunah Chin - seated 2 from right

Another reason that makes me different from everyone else is my bloodline.  I’m not 100% Malay. Saya Minangkabau campur Kabul(Afghanistan), Kampa(Indonesia) and Hindustan (Indian).  Malas nak explain panjang-panjang. If you wanna know more about it, tanya jela I nanti.

Ok. I shall stop bragging about myself now. Toodles! 😀

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