16th September 1963 is one of the dates that we Malaysians must remember. It is the day when Malaya became Malaysia. This year, 2010 is a very special year as our Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak has declared September 16th as Malaysia Day and is a Public Holiday to all. The reason why he declared it as a holiday is for Malaysians to spend time to appreciate the day.

This year’s Malaysia Day, I was invited to my friend, Nafise Motlaq’s book launch which was held at Leornado’s Wine Loft, Bangsar. Nafise is an Iranian Photojournalist who has been in Malaysian for few years already. Her book – A Given Path is a photobook which shows the culture of each race in Malaysia. It is divided into three sections – Malay, Chinese and Indian, the three main races in Malaysia. Each section starts with pictures of newborn babies, the celebration of the newborn, wedding ceremonies, other celebrations and followed by funerals. I’m amazed with Nafise’s effort in producing this book because it really opened my eyes to see what I’ve missed. The beauty of this Multiracial country that we’re leaving in and I’ve not even bothered to see for myself all these years.

The Guest of Honor who launched the book was Marina Mahathir, who is one of my idols. It was indeed a very special day, not just because I had the chance to meet Marina in person, but it is the day I realised despite having different skin color or different culture, we are still the same at heart. We are one. Even though it was just a mini celebration in Bangsar, I could still see unity in everyone as all races, Malay, Chinese and Indians gathered here to celebrate Malaysian Day together – as ONE.

Nafise Motlaq.

and of course, a picture with Marina Mahathir =)


p/s: sorry for the late post as i had encountered some technical problems.