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For Mr X II.

After all the time we spent together,

It made me realize how I really feel,

This feeling that I have;

The kind that tickles you,

Have been kept for so long.


And today (tonight), I want you to listen,

Listen to what I’m about to say,

As I can no longer hide nor keep it,

I will just take the risk, and pray.


                   You came into my life


                    You opened the doors to my heart


                    You make me fall for you


                    You make me love you each day



You are the reason behind my smile,

That everyone could see from a mile,

You are the reason why I glow,

That even cheetahs run slow.


Dottie. November, 2012.



Bahasa Inggeris adalah bahasa.

Saya tidak faham mengapa setengah org mempertikaikan penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris(BI) dlm penulisan atau percakapan harian. Juga ada yang memburuk-burukan orang yang bertutur dlm BI serta menasihati orang lain agar tidak bercakap BI kerana bahasa itu tak elok dan tak manis. BI adalah bahasa dan mempelajari bahasa adalah elok. Tidak kiralah BI, Melayu, Parsi, Jerman, Perancis dll, bukankah mengejar ilmu itu adalah sesuatu yang harus kita lakukan dalam dunia ini? Renung-renungkan dan jangan memburuk-burukkan orang lain hanya kerana diri sendiri tidak reti bertutur bahasa tersebut.


Wow. It’s been a while since I last posted in my blog. What have I dont? I’ve neglected my own blog! *cries. So many have wondered, what was I doing during the whole 3-month absence. Well, if you’ve been reading my tweets or browse thru my FB page u’d know. Hehe. I shall not blab more now. I reserve my words for the next article. Just posting this to say I’M BACK!!!


Signed, sealed, posted,


My Addiction.


I’m referring to the green tin, not the creature next to it.


Hello everyone! It’s been a looooooooooooong time since I last updated my blog. I miss writing! I’m really sorry for not updating. Keeping quiet for almost 5 months (November til April) really put a toll on me. (well not that much) you see, ever since I posted my last post, I’ve got tonnes of drafts to be posted. I have sooo many ideas and things I want to write. I promise you that I will be more disciplined and update at least once a week ya? Toodles!

Signed, sealed, posted,


WUPID 2010

Dear Love,

I’m sorry that I didn’t have time to update you. Have been busy lately handling WUPID. Now you might wonder what WUPID means.

World Universities Peace Invitational Debate or WUPID for short.


VISIT for updates

Confessions of a Lover

You complete me
With the ways you treat me
The ways you make me laugh
The ways you make me melt
And only you know exactly
What to do
To make my day

I’ve never loved a person
The way I love you
Because there’re no other guys
Who would know who I really am
Who could see how I truly am
And who could accept me
For who I am