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Shower Day

3 days ago, it was shower day for Acho. He loves bathing, hot water specifically. Many of my friends and relatives had asked me how do i bathe my cat. That’s why I decided to write this article. So wonder no more, keep your eyes open and read this. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Firstly, I would get ready all the things needed. My mom is very particular in setting up things. I would get the cage ready, lapik dengan a special kain batik for Acho, take out his towel, takung air dlm bath tub and get the hairdryer ready.

The cage. Notice the kain batik?

Acho's towel

Acho's shampoo.

2. Next is to take the cat. But Tammy doesn’t like to be referred to as a cat. So we will call him MLB (My Little Boy) ๐Ÿ˜›

Tak sabar nak mandi

"Bila nak mandi ni?"

3. Wet MLB. Whenever you bathe a cat or cats, do remember NOT to let water enter their ears. My veterinarian advised us this. This is to prevent their ears from becoming septic or bernanah. Bila dah basah, shampoo them.

Shampoo time!

4. Bila dah shampoo, bilas dia. Acho loves to berendam dalam his ‘bathtub’.

He looks annoyed in this picture, but trust me, he's not.

perasan dalam swimming pool. ๐Ÿ˜›

5. Dry MLB off with a towel. Now, this is cute.

Perasan baby. -_-"

watcha lookin' at?

6. Dry MLB with a hairdryer.

7. Jemur dalam cage, luar rumah. Why we put him in a cage? Takut lari nanti kotor, and also, takut kucing lain dtg belasah. He’s a pure house cat.


8. A happy, satisfied, wangi, beautiful, handsome cat …err… boy!

wangi punya Zombie cat.

There you go. Easy, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚


10 things I hate about you


Boo ya! Hahaha! Did the title fool you? ๐Ÿ˜› I’m not writing the review on 10 things I hate about you movie starring the late Heath Ledger in 1999. Instead, I’m writing about 12 things that I like (to do) Are you ready for it? Let the countdown begins!

12. Bowling. In case you haven’t known, I am a bowler. It’s the only sport that I can be serious about. I can’t stay under the hot sun.

with my bowling friends during KARiSMA 2010, Sunway Megalanes

11. Family Gatherings. You see, I have a really really huge family both my mom and dad’s sides. Being an only child is sometimes lonely (SOMETIMES) So whenever there are weddings or engagements or any kenduri, I’ll be the one terlompat-lompat dulu. Excited! I love being surrounded by family members. I feel happy.

My Granduncle, Megat Bakri bin Megat Yahia a.k.a Tok Tan and I

10. Cutex and henna. I’m a girly girl and I love playing dress up. When my monthly visitor pays a visit, I’ll wear cutex (nail polish).ย  One more thing that I like is henna. Oooooh!

9. Making Love. No, I’m not talking about sex. Wehh kau gila?!! Dirty minded people. Sheesh! I’m talking about making friends. I enjoy meeting people and make friends with them. I may look snobbish but I am a friendly person. ๐Ÿ˜‰

with some of my good friends

8. Movies. Oh well, just like any other person, I love going to the cinema and watch movies.

7. Furry Animals. I love furry animals, hamsters, rabbits, cats, you name it!

Candy and Marko

Tuah and Melati

6. Singing. Need I say more? Just look at this picture! ๐Ÿ˜›


5. Sleeping. You can say it isย  my new hobby. hahahaha. I just realized how much I love sleeping nowadays. I mean, hey, sleep is important!

4. Stationeries. I have a ‘thing’ for stationeries especially notebooks! Lets just say, whenever I’m lost in a bookstore, you can definitely find me in the stationeries department. ๐Ÿ˜›

3. Berangan (Day Dreaming). Now, this is something I could not stop doing. I love thinking about marriage, I just don’t know why. Oh well, you can’t stop a girl from dreaming about her wedding!

2. Cats. If you haven’t noticed, I have a soft spot on cats. Well, specifically a small cat named Tammy Boy Acho.

My sayang, Tammy Boy Acho.

1. One. Finally we came down to the top of the list. I must say it was pretty hard deciding which was number 1 and 2. Are you ready? The number spot for 12 things i like (to do) is ………………none other than…………….. MAKAN!!!! *claps* Yes, makan is eating in Malay. I eat a lot but it’s hard for me to put on weight.

So basically, this is how I look like when Im starving. *malu*

There you have it. 12 things i like (to do). Stay tuned for more!


p.s: A special shout out to FIRDAUS MUHAMMAD. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Will a person run away or hide themselves from you when you confess your feelings to them? Even if it’s just a crush?

Istiadat Konvokesyen UiTM ke 74.

Kawan-kawan, one of the days that I’ve been waiting for is just around the corner! Finally after 3 and a half years of hardship, fun, pain and love, I’ve completed my Diploma course. Alhamdullillah.

To my batch mates, it’s important for you to memorize your nombor giliran because it will be used as a reference. If you want to know your angka giliran, Click Here.

Others if you are not my batch mate but you have no idea where to get info on the 74th UiTM Convocation, Tekan Sini.

Ok. Nak pergi cari material nak buat baju Convo! Bye!

Diploma in Hotel Management


Quote of the day – 2nd April 2011

“Those who are trying hard to take me down are actually the ones who will make me stronger and push me to be on top. It’s just sad that they don’t have other better things to do but trying to humiliate other people by telling bad things about them. The truth shall unveil soon and the only people who will be humiliated are themselves”๏ปฟ

Nisa Dottie
2/4/2011, Saturday.