The title somehow strucks me deep. I didn’t cheat by the way. Here’s prove of the list of challenge. Click here.

I’m attracted to these kind of men:

  • Respects Orang Tua (the elderly)
  • Respects me
  • Has full knowledge about Islam at the back of his hand
  • Full of confidence
  • Smart
  • Good command of English
  • Knows what he wants
  • Shows good leadership (because he will be leading our family – if we were to get married)
  • Athletic
  • Smells good all the time
  • Fair (as in the skin color as well as just)
  • Funny and have sense of humor (No one wants a person who’s serious all the time)
  • Clean person
  • Knows how to use the cutleries properly
  • Tall (at least 170cm)
  • Loves kids
  • Someone having good looks is definitely a plus point

Please take note that I WASN’T referring to anyone when writing this post. So, jangan perasan or think otherwise.

Signed, sealed, posted,