Let’s see. Should I really write an essay about me? Who would be interested to read anyway? Sometimes I do have trouble in telling about myself especially to the guy I like because I feel inferior compared to other girls. So let’s just cut to the chase.

My name is Khairunnisa Dottie Khairuddin. I was born on the 13th November 1989 at Kinta Medical Centre Ipoh. I’m Minangkabau Malay with Kampa, Afghan (Kabul) and Indian ancestry. I’m a full time TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) student, a writer, a translator, a part time emcee.

I love writing, reading, talking, traveling (though I have yet to travel to places I’ve always wanted to go. Insyallah 1 day)

I think that’s about it. Be my friend if you wanna know more.

Signed, sealed, posted,