Sorry people, I have to skip Day 22, it’s too private.

15 facts about Nisa Dottie.

  1. My family is everything.
  2. Dottie IS my real name. It was given to me by my late Moyang (Great Grandmother). Only I have the name “Dottie” in my family and it’s NOT a family name.
  3. Standing short at 152cm. Petite.
  4. I don’t drink tea and coffee. Neither do I smoke nor drink alcohol and go to clubs.
  5. I’m attracted to selected single older men.
  6. I LOVE food but NOT sushi.
  7. I’m a cat person.
  8. I LOVE kids. A whole lot!
  9. I’m half introvert half extrovert, I’m not really sure. Gotta take the test to find out.
  10. I’m friendly but when I get too shy and keep on looking at my nails during the first few meetings mean that I like you. A LOT. It may also be a sign of having feelings towards that person. Ok, moving on.
  11. I talk a lot to people I’m comfortable with.
  12. I’ve never dieted before
  13. I bowl, run, swim and cycle. Sometimes I play badminton. Used to be a debater.
  14. I adore Robert Downey Jr, Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel.
  15. I’m not sarcastic, unless provoked.