Greetings everyone! Still remember the 30-day challenge that I was supposed to complete last 2 months? Well, it had to be put on hold due to some reasons. So anyway, I’v decided to answer the remaining questions tonight. (No promises)


No one could see or even predict the future, unless of course, if you’re a Psychic. When we talk about the future, it actually covers a wide scope. How many years to be exact? So here’s what I hope (or pray is even better) my future will be like.

5 years from now: Married with at least a kid, and an assistant lecturer who’s completing her Master’s Degree.

10 years from now: Married with 4 kids, an Academician.

20 years from now: Still married with 4 teenage kids, a politician.

30 years from now: Still married to the same guy with 4 grown up kids, a minister. 😀

If I live longer, God willing, after I’ve resigned, I’ll enjoy my remaining life with my family. Insyallah.


Signed, sealed, posted,

Dottie. ❤