If you noticed, I’ve been talking a lot about marriage lately. And ever since day 1 of posting a status update regarding marriage, I’ve gotten a lot of responds asking me whether or not I’m getting married anytime soon. The answer is NO, I’m NOT getting married anytime soon (but if ada jodoh, Insyaallah) I also got a lot of questions on why do I want to get married at such an early age? Hence this post. Happy reading it as I was soooo in the mood of writing about it. Enjoy! 😀


I would be lying if I don’t say I can’t wait for the wedding itself. To tell you the truth, I already know exactly what I want for my wedding. Read here. When you read it you might think that I want a grand wedding but I actually want a small yet beautiful intimate wedding. And some of you might think that I’m obsessed with it. Whatever. You only get married once (Hopefully my future husband will not look for a second or third or 4th wives)


I have a very huge family from both sides of my parents all thanks to the contributing cousins, uncles and aunties who continuously adding new members to our family. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I love it! Having a huge family doesn’t give you the opportunity to meet each and everyone of them all the time. And having a wedding gives me the opportunity to meet my long lost cousins, new born grandnieces and grandnephews (yes, im already a grandaunt) And I also think that my wedding will be the place for my good friends to hang out and catch up with each other.


The title doesn’t sound really nice, but I really don’t know what to say. My point is that I want sleep in my husband’s arms. Ok sila muntah sekarang because I’m starting to be sweet.

Kids! Don't try this at home.


Ok, that is a song title. Well, obviously when you are getting married, it is to someone that you love (unless if it’s an arranged marriage, love will only blossom after marriage) I really want to be loved and taken care of by my husband. Not that I’m not independent, but having someone who takes care of you voluntarily is a plus point. I want to go through the ups and downs of life with my husband and when we grow older we will look back and say “look at what we’ve gone through that have brought us here” (insyaallah kalau panjang umur)


I’ve always loved kids and immediately after marriage, God-willing, I want to start a family. Maximum of 4 kids and minimum of 2 kids. I really want to marry someone who loves kids because if he doesn’t it will be a huge problem. Anyway, having kids at a young age will make you feel less old when you’re older, also making you a hot mama. (haha I wish!)

Jangan harap nak ada anak Mat Salleh, unless I marry a caucasian that is.

So there you have it – all 5 reasons written straight from my heart. (Do vomit again) Of course after all that, the number one mission now is to find myself a potential husband. Wish me luck!

P/s: I just turned 22 today (13th November 2011) 😀

Signed, sealed, posted,

Dottie. ❤