First date. PERFECT first date. Ok, I’ve had my first date and it was not so perfect. Nothing in this world is perfect. But yeah, we can try to make it perfect as hard as we could. So my idea of the perfect first date would be – candlelight sunset dinner by the beach with the breeze on your face. Wait, it sounds like the perfect proposal setting ain’t it?

So anyway, as I was saying, candlelight sunset dinner. I just love the sea (apart from Tsunami, of course)


But if you’re too scared of Tsunami, this might work.

This is sooo cool!

It is during this dinner, both of you get to know more about each other. Also it is a test to see whether “he” knows how to use the cutleries properly, if not – epic fail my friend. hehe.

Now does anyone want to take me out for a romantic candlelight sunset dinner? Anyone? -_-”

If the above so called “perfect date” doesn’t turn up to be the way you wanted it to be, here’s how to as a second chance.


So sweet. ❤


Signed, sealed, posted,