Hello everyone. Happy Ramadhan. Apart from busy with work, life, period and fasting I’m doing a business (wahh mcm besar je business gitu) As you might have noticed, I’m selling my Mom’s Fruit Cakes for Raya. So anyway, have you heard of the 30-day challenge for your blog? I’m quite sure that if you’re a blogger you know what I mean, but if you’re not, fret not as I will explain what 30-day challenge means.

30-day challenge for your blog means you have to update your blog every single day for 30 days (one whole month) without fail. You update according to the questions provided.

The Questions


That’s it. Back to my story. As I was saying, I’ve seen many of my friends/blog friends updating their blogs prior to this challenge and I always wanted to do it too only I don’t know where do I get the questions from. Today, I was browsing through Alia Bee’s blog and I saw the questions! Tunggu apa lagi, I terus nak start.

So, my 30-day Challenge is starting soon.




















Ok. Boleh pergi atas balik baca next post. 😀