Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I last posted something on my blog. Been busy with work and life. Anyway I’m promoting my Mom’s Fruit Cake made exclusively for Hari Raya. Here are the details on ordering the fruit cakes:

NAME                        : Alcohol-free English Traditional Fruit Cake

PRICE                        : RM 48

WEIGHT                   : 1.55 kg

DESCRIPTION        : Mixed fruits all over the cake, top to bottom. Not the kind of cake where the fruits can only be found at the bottom.

CLOSING DATE      : 19th August 2011 (Friday)  CLOSED!

DELIVERY DATES: Ipoh – 3 days after the order

KL and Klang Valley – 23rd/24th August 2011 (Friday)

This is to show that the cake is filled with fruits and that it doesn't sink.

See the fruits?

To order, call me (Nisa Dottie) at 012-2224284.

P/s: The expiry date for the fruit cakes are up to 2 months provided if kept in room temperature and clean tupperware.