Last week, Sheril Bustaman (find her on FB) and I came up with an idea of surprising our men with a birthday party. So we invited few of our closest friends to the party. Sadly, most of them could not attend due to their commitments. I want it to be a surprise so when I called Adiba, she came up with the idea of “kononnya” we are celebrating Hafiedz’s birthday, if the boys ask. We stick to our plan. The party was held at Shougun, One Utama.

Partners in crime - Dottie and Sheril

Anyways, here’s what happened.

On Friday afternoon(May 13th 2011) my family and I checked into Hotel UiTM Shah Alam to attend my graduation ceremony the following day. That evening, Yunus was in UiTM Shah Alam for work and he came to the hotel to pick me up right after as we were supposed to attend “Hafiedz’s birthday party” at Shogun OU. We left the hotel at 6.30pm because we had to reach there by 8pm. After all the jam and the drama at the parking lot, we managed to ENTER OU at 8.15pm. We walked to Gap Kids where Sheril and Yat were waiting. Both of us were sort of killing time and the boys, especially Yunus were a bit worried that the party will not happen because we were busy lingering around the mall (specifically MPH) and not sit and wait for Hafiedz in Shogun. The plan was almost ruined when Yunus tarik muka.

The crime scene (pic taken frm Google)

The reason why we lingered around was because we wanted to wait until everyone arrived at the restaurant but unfortunately, all of them got stuck in the jam. It was almost 9pm and Sheril and I decided that we just enter Shogun and tell the boys. Akira, Yunus’ best friend was already there, so all 4 of us went to our table, Yunus had already suspected it. Sheril told me to break the news and the boys blushed (oh so cute!) They said they had already suspected it but just kept quiet. After we broke the news, the boys went to the food counter and we girls pretended to go to the ladies. The truth is we went down to look for a cake. 5 minutes later, Yunus called and ask where were we and i told him we are at the loo and he said “beli cake ke? buat susah-susah je” Ok, perasan di situ. Why do you have to spoil everything? haiihhh! So anyway, we managed to buy a cake for both of them.

We went back to Shogun and passed the cake to the personnel. We acted normal and took our food and eat. Half an hour later, when we were about to finish, i asked the restaurant personnel to bring the cake and sing happy birthday. 2 minutes later a guy came to our table with the cake BUT no song. i was like “What?” Imagine, someone brings you a birthday cake and no chorus. Weird! After he left our table, we started singing the “Happy Birthday” song. The minute we stopped singing everyone kept quiet as we were shocked by the song that was playing in the restaurant. The intro made us speechless. I must say it was kinda like the MU intro song. Yes. Rupa-rupanya they were playing the “Happy Birthday” song! It was so loud that everyone in the restaurant clapped together with the song. The birthday boys were blushing and of course, were jumping of excitement. Mind you that this is their 31st birthday celebration. After the song they cut the cake (they look like a cute couple though)

Boys cutting the cake

Boys 'rebut' cake


So, after all that, we cut the cake and distributed to 4 tables near us and cleared everything. Sheril and I are relieved that it’s over and excited to plan the next one! What is important is that the boys enjoyed themselves. For more pictures, Click Here. We would like to thank Akira, Adiba and Mac and his family for coming!

After all the hard work, we girls NEED to snap pictures!

Two for the album!

Peace out!