3 days ago, it was shower day for Acho. He loves bathing, hot water specifically. Many of my friends and relatives had asked me how do i bathe my cat. That’s why I decided to write this article. So wonder no more, keep your eyes open and read this. 🙂

1. Firstly, I would get ready all the things needed. My mom is very particular in setting up things. I would get the cage ready, lapik dengan a special kain batik for Acho, take out his towel, takung air dlm bath tub and get the hairdryer ready.

The cage. Notice the kain batik?

Acho's towel

Acho's shampoo.

2. Next is to take the cat. But Tammy doesn’t like to be referred to as a cat. So we will call him MLB (My Little Boy) 😛

Tak sabar nak mandi

"Bila nak mandi ni?"

3. Wet MLB. Whenever you bathe a cat or cats, do remember NOT to let water enter their ears. My veterinarian advised us this. This is to prevent their ears from becoming septic or bernanah. Bila dah basah, shampoo them.

Shampoo time!

4. Bila dah shampoo, bilas dia. Acho loves to berendam dalam his ‘bathtub’.

He looks annoyed in this picture, but trust me, he's not.

perasan dalam swimming pool. 😛

5. Dry MLB off with a towel. Now, this is cute.

Perasan baby. -_-"

watcha lookin' at?

6. Dry MLB with a hairdryer.

7. Jemur dalam cage, luar rumah. Why we put him in a cage? Takut lari nanti kotor, and also, takut kucing lain dtg belasah. He’s a pure house cat.


8. A happy, satisfied, wangi, beautiful, handsome cat …err… boy!

wangi punya Zombie cat.

There you go. Easy, isn’t it? 🙂