13th November is a really special date both for me and my family. Not only it is the day to celebrate my birthday but it is also a day of celebration for my mother who had given birth to her only child. You see, Mummy got married to Papa when she was 37 in 1986. Right after she got married, she had appendicitis and had to remove her appendix. After the operation, the doctor advised her not to even try to conceive for a year, at least. A year after the surgery, my parents tried to have a baby for another a year and a half. Finally on the 13th November 1989, at 9.07am a baby girl was born at Kinta Medical Centre Ipoh.

Birthday Girl - 1 day old.

If you were wondering, the baby above is ME. Yup according to Mummy, i was the only Malay baby girl in that room hence the only one with “mata bulat dan besar”. not that i’m discriminating or anything. Here are some few more pictures of me.

Big mouth hence banyak cakap

Happy Baby. 🙂

With Mummy. Told you my eyes are big.

OK OK, enough with the baby stuff. Now fast forward to 21 years later.

Nothing much happened on the day of my birthday. On my birthday’s eve, Mr. G and his band took part in a band competition called Malaysia Breakout Showcase 2010 where the winner will represent Malaysia to perform at Maldives, London and Liverpool. And yes, excited punya pasal, Mr. G forgot to wish me “Happy Birthday” T_T (tak pasal pasal). So anyway, at around 1am (13.11.2010) they announced Tashya’s Ink as the winner! Woo hoo! See, I told you 13 is not a bad number.


Back to my story.

We did not have a celebration on my birthday, we had to postpone it to another day. At last, one of the days that I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. The day of my 21st birthday celebration. It was held on the 17th November 2010 – the very first day of Eid Adha. Mummy decided to organize a hi-tea for our family and few of our closest friends only. (very limited seats, just a simple celebration.)

Eventhough few people couldn’t make it, I was happy and blessed and grateful with everything. The food were delicious, the people were amazing and most importantly, the presents are great! Kidding. Kidding. I can’t really say which present is my favorite because I love all of them! You know you didn’t have to buy me the presents. But i would love to say thank you to the following:

  • Dearest beloved Mummy and Papa for the wonderful hi-tea
  • Uncle Joe & family for the beautiful evening purse
  • The ever loving Muhammad Yunus Zakariah for the amazing bowling ball
  • Aunty Intan for the cute white gold key pendant
  • Aunty Laili for the pretty telekung
  • Aini and Apek for Mr Bean’s Teddy
  • Kak Normi, Abg Rusman and Iqwal for the cheesecake
  • others whose names can’t  be mentioned due to privacy issues, you know who you are, thank you!

Last but not least, i would like to thank ever lovely and sweet Opah for sponsoring my birthday cake and as well as the most beautiful bouquet of pink roses. All 21 of them! I was very much surprised when the guy delivered the flowers. To be honest, I would be more surprised if Gerard Butler or Robert Downey Jr delivered them personally! *winks* Thank you everyone for such a wonderful birthday!

Birthday Girl - now.