Friday, 6th August 2010.

I finished work at 5pm. I went home straight from the hotel. When i reached the parking lot, i decided to drop by the convenient store which is located on the ground floor of my apartment. My finger nails were long but sadly i didn’t own a nail clipper – i had to borrow from one of my housemates ever since i moved to Putrajaya. *malu* So anyway, i went to the store and finally got my very own nail clipper! (and also a packet of Twiggies and some chocolates). Right after paying, i went up to my house. People say when something is about to happen no matter good or bad, you’ll definitely feel it. I didn’t feel good at all when i was walking towards my house right after stepping out of the elevator. I reached the front door, unlock the lock, grill and got into the house. No one was at home. My housemates (also trainees at Putrajaya Shangri-La) finish work at 5.30pm because they were in different departments. I took off my shoes and unlock the door and entered.

The first thing i realised was my curtain was flowing and the windows were opened. The table was very near the window and all my things were scattered all over the place and i thought “OH MY GOD!! SOMEONE OPENED MY WINDOWS AGAIN AND THIS TIME HE/THEY TOOK SOMETHINGS WITH THEM! MUMMYYYYYYY!!!” So i called Mummy straight away. As i was talking to her,  I walked towards the window and found out that my watch box and jewellery box were missing. The chair was pulled to the window. While still talking to Mummy telling her what was stolen, I had the greatest shock in my life when i realised my laptop bag was wide opened and my laptop was GONE! I shouted “MUMMYYYYY! THEY TOOK MY LAPTOP TOOOOOOOO! AND MY BROADBAND AND MY HEADPHONEEEE! *cry*”

I felt my hands were cold which is normal to me when I’m shocked or surprised because i have low-blood pressure (that’s why i sometimes faint). Mummy calmed me down and told me to call the hotel straight away(because the house belongs to the hotel) and report to the police. I called Miss Apple Tan, the Training Manager and she said there’s nothing they can do about it and i have to report to the police straight away first. So i called Yunus and he came over and took me to the nearby Police Station (Balai Polis Presint 11). I got out of my apartment, shivering and sat in the car quietly. I had mixed feelings, sad + pissed off + sad. My eyes were already red and puffy due to the crying i did all the way from the minute i knew they took my laptop to the minute i arrived at the police station. The officer took my details asked me what had happened and what was taken. This is what was actually written on the police report:

Laptop jenama FTEC  – hitam

Kotak jam Fossil yang mengandungi kad warranty jam tangan

Kotak aksesori Ted Baker yang mengandungi beberapa aksesori (perhiasan diri)

Lain-lain barang tidak dapat dipastikan lagi. Saya syaki barang-barang milik saya telah dicuri.

When it was time for us to go into the detective’s room, he asked me a lot of questions including:

“Laptop tahun bila beli? Berapa harga? Kalau jual sekarang berapa dapat” and he taught me how to calculate depreciation and i was like “Eh Pak Cik ni terer accounts la!” Next he asked me:

“Dalam kotak jam tu ada jam tak?” And i said no, i’m wearing the watch. I just bought it for a week now. What was in the box was only the warranty. After i told him that, he started laughing macam tak ingat dunia and i was like “Eh betul ke dia ni detective? Macam err tak betul je?” I asked him why did he laughed he said “Adik, saya nak tanya satu soalan. Kalau adik pergi mana-mana nak jual jam tangan adik pakai tu, ada nilai tak?” I answered yes. He continued “Satu lagi. Kalau adik bawak warranty tu pergi mana-mana nak jual, ada nilai tak?” and he started laughing yet again and i told myself, AGAIN?? Is this guy for real?? “Pak Cik, ini bukan masa sesuai untuk bergurau senda ya. Saya sedang tensi dengan apa yang sedang berlaku, tolongla jangan naikkan darah saya. TOLONGLAH!” That was what i wanted to say to the detective but i never did.  I know what he said was true but I used money to buy that watch and not his ugly moustache! I get his point but they did ask me what was taken and i answered what they had asked me. Don’t blame me for saying anything stupid. Haiih!

After about an hour and a half listening to his crap, we headed home. Yunus sent me and i had to wait for another detective to come over to the house to check for fingerprints. An hour after i reached home, Inspector Nazirah came with an old police officer who looked like who was going to retire soon with a briefcase. They snapped few pictures and later went outside and opened the briefcase. I was like “Wow! Macam CSI la!” I mean, hey, i was amazed! They went back after spent time about half an hour. I entered my house, bathed and continued checking on items that got stolen. I found out 6 more items were missing and they are:

  • laptop cable
  • broadband
  • headphone
  • scientific calculator
  • digital camera charger
  • pencil bag which i had used since school days (including my favorite and oldest pencil

That night i couldn’t sleep at all thinking how in the world could they did that! And i was scared that the thief might come back again. In the end i could not sleep for several nights feeling scared and depressed. I pray that who ever did this to me will burn and rot in hell. Allah knows who he/they are and only Allah can repay what they had done to me.

So, that was what happened on the day I bought a new nail clipper.

These are what was left in the laptop bag. 😦