2009 has been a great year for me. Although at the beginning of the year I had gone through quite a tough time for awhile. I struggled with my studies and also with my previous relationship. My ‘good’ time of the year only started on early March when I attended a debate tournament that was held in Shah Alam. It was the National Novice Debating Championship 2009. I did not debate but I adjudicated instead and nothing much happened on the first day. The championship was held for 2 days and it was only on the 2nd day, the unexpected happened.

The First Meeting.
I stayed with my friend, Didi (Diana Lia Thomas) together with some other girls from other institutions. We woke up very early that morning just to make sure that we bathe and get ready before others. When we were just about to leave, one of the runners came to our room and told us that we have to bring along all our things and check out from the hostel immediately. Lucky for us (Didi and I) have already packed all our things so we went straight to the bus with our bags but we have to wait for almost half an hour for the rest of the girls and boys to check out. The minute we reached the venue, we took all our bags and put them at a hall where the rest had kept their bags. We had breakfast straight away and went to the hall for the break announcement. As soon as they announced the teams qualified for the octo finals, my friends and I planned on going somewhere. After we watched the octo finals we had lunch and discussed about our plans for that evening. When I was munching on my food, I saw this guy with straight, shoulder-length hair walking towards the lunch tent with his friends (I must admit though, his hair was really nice and I wish I could have hair just like him). I immediately recognize this guy the minute I saw him – it’s the guy from VC Cup 2007! When I took part in VC ’07 (which is another debate tournament), this guy was giving a talk on debating styles. But that was it, the first time I saw him and never thought that I would ever gonna meet or see him again. I admired him from afar and I wasn’t the only one who was. So back to the lunch tent, I saw him and that was it. I never saw it coming. I chatted with my friends and we finally decided to go to Midvalley and watch a movie or something. After lunch, it was time for quarter finals. I called our driver and told him to pick us up and go straight to Midvalley.

We spent few hours there and the driver picked us up at the exact time as promised. When we reached UiTM, it was already time for the semi finals. So all of us went to the hall to watch the debate. In the middle of the debate, my friend Kara came up to me. She whispered something to my ear but I could not listen clearly as the sound of the debater was quite loud so I turned and looked at her. She told me that there’s this guy, a senior, one of Shafiq’s friends (her boyfriend at that time) wanted to take me out for dinner. I asked her who he was but unfortunately she doesn’t know. I was quite surprised, really. She asked me would I go out with him but I was a bit reluctant at first, so I said no. Later on, she convinced me on going by telling me that Shafiq and herself will come along if I was too scared to go alone with him. And so I agreed. At that point I started to do what I do best – thinking. I started to think of a lot of things. Who this guy was? How this guy looks like? Where did he see me? How did he noticed me? Where is he taking us? Just to name few. So I asked her what time is he planning to take us out and she said now. What? Now? Wow this guy must be very eager to know me. I said to myself. So I followed her and Shafiq down to the lunch tent. When I got out from the elevator and was walking towards the tent, Oh my God. Am I seeing this clearly or am I dreaming? I know that I’m short-sighted but I could immediately recognize that figure and that long hair just about anywhere. There he was with another guy sitting, chatting and were like waiting for someone.

Shafiq went up to them and they shook hands and they all looked at me. That guy came towards me and Shafiq introduced us. My heart was thumping as he came closer to me. “Yunus, this is Nisa. And Nisa, this is Yunus”.
YUNUS. So that’s his name! The guy from VC ’07! God knows how excited I was at that time. I couldn’t help smiling. He introduced his friend, Mac and we all went to Mac’s car. All five of us got into Mac’s car and my heart started to thump again and this time I wasn’t excited but I was really nervous. I thought they were kidnapping me! So I controlled my emotions that could be clearly seen on my face and chatted with them. They took us to a Thai restaurant at Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. We were shown to our table by the waitress and ordered food. There were 6 of us, Kara, Shafiq, Mac, Wani, Yunus and I. Of course, Yunus sat next to me and we chatted about a lot of things. Well, he’s not really that bad actually (I thank God for it – luckily he’s not a psychopath or anything like it). He’s sweet, gentle and really soft spoken (well, at least to me he is) and which something we girls can’t really trust guys acting that way on the very first date. We ate, we chatted, we laughed and before we knew it, it was time for us to go back. And when I say back I mean back to Penang. So Yunus paid the bill, we thanked him and headed straight to UiTM.

When we arrived, Yunus, Mac and Shafiq went to the men’s room. As we expected, my other friends and our lecturer were already waiting for us. So Kara and I went straight to the hall where the bags where at to take our belongings. When I was just about to carry my bag down the stairs in the hall, Yunus came towards me. At that time he was sweating and I assume that he was running just now. He, being a gentleman, offered to carry my bags down to the foyer where the van was waiting for us and I let him do so. On the way to the van, he asked for my phone number so that we can contact each other the next time. As I suspected, the reason why he ran back to the hall was to ask for my number. And so we exchanged our numbers and I got into the van. I waved at him and the driver drove away. And that my friends, is the very beginning of a new important chapter of my life.

The Boyfriend.
Few months after our first meeting, Yunus and I declared ourselves as a couple. How, when and where are simply another long story. If you desperately (which I doubt you would be) want to know, just ask me personally. Having known him for almost a year now, only one long word can describe him as a whole – sweetlovablekindsoftspokencaringrespectableunderstandingcrazysupportive person. I know, I know. These are just few words compiled into one word. Well, it’s just so hard for me to describe Yunus in just one word. I know some of you might think that it’s far too early for me to say things like that about him, but if you’re in my shoes you would understand why. He is such a wonderful friend, wonderful companion, and a wonderful partner. I’m blessed to have him in my life.