There is a saying that a mother knows what’s best for her kids. What had happened to me recently proves that statement is quite true. Well, you might think it’s not really a big deal, but it does to me.

You see, my hair has always been an issue to me since I was in primary 6 (12 years old). My hair started to become frizzy since then, and the reason for it is still under investigation (cewah, mcm CSI plak…hehehe). I had straight hair since I was an infant until primary 6. I started to lose my confidence – with regards of my hair but not anything else. When I was in Form 3 (15 years old), I started to iron perm my hair a.k.a rebonding.

Since 2004 until 2008, I have straightened my hair 5 times. I know what many of you might think – that’s ridiculous! It is actually, but yuh, that’s what I did. I somehow feel more confident with my straight hair rather than frizzy hair. Come to 2009, I paid a visit to my hairdresser, Judy, for a haircut. She suggested that I perm my hair rather than straighten it again. My mom had thought about doing it to me as well, so she generally approved Judy’s suggestion, and 4 hours later, my hair is done! It was curly – as in the doll’s curl (not that I’m saying I looked like a doll – but I was referring to the curls). I was so happy and ecstatic with my new look, and that for the first time ever, I felt confident with my fluffy, curled hair! So, in order to maintain my curls, I can’t comb my hair.

I thought everything will run smoothly and that I will maintain this new hairstyle of mine for quite sometime – without being aware what was about to happen next. I had the chance to keep the hair for about a week, and when I was back to Ipoh for the weekend, everything turned ugly. Jeng…Jeng…Jeng (kononnya sound effect bg gimmick la…hehehe). On Saturday night (25th April 2009) my mom made me comb my hair!! Now, some of you might think this is shocking and some of you might not, but seriously it was to me. The reason why is because she said my hair looked terrible and that by combing it, my hair will look much better – that’s what she thought. And she was wrong!!
When mummy started combing my hair (which I refused at first), I started crying. My cat, Tammy was sleeping on the bed, was shocked by the fact that I was crying, and he came to me and trying to console me – but it didn’t work anyway. I cried and cried and cried and cried my heart out while my mom yelled at me not to cry. Of course the hair looked horrible and I looked like a crazy person on the loose. I ran straight to my room – with Tammy (take note – the combing incident was in my parents’ room) and locked myself in it. My mom who scolded me at first came knocking my door and trying to console me. I opened the door and she said she will curl my hair again by using the curlers I have. She tried, but we all know it doesn’t work! I started to break down into tears again, when she hugged me and said she will take me to my hairdresser tomorrow and promised me that everything will be ok. I was supposed to go back to Penang on Sunday morning, but we went to the salon instead. She told Judy to cut my hair and straighten it for the last time. The reason why is simply because I will look my age (or perhaps younger looking Nisa) with a much shorter hair, and that the curls made me look older as in a mom with 5 kids. And so, I’m now with a new look (again) – shorter, straighter, and fresher looking Nisa Dottie. So if anybody sees me anyway, do say Hi to me, OK?

In conclusion, Mothers do know what’s best for her kids.