… starring Fairuz Abd Hakim! And introducing Hafizah Hashim, Nazrin and Siti Hazirah! You might not know who these people are (unless you’re a registered member of the “And Things Like That” Community which is pioneered by Fairuz himself) hehe.
These are the people responsible in making our Tioman Trip a successful one. Fairuz Abd Hakim (the most supportive lecturer we ever had), Hafizah Hashim (the brilliant mute), and of course the two love birds, Nazrin a.k.a Nash and Hazirah a.k.a Zira were the leaders who planned the whole trip for our Event Management course. This trip carries 20% of our carry mark, thus it is important that everything is perfectly planned in order to have a smooth journey. Im really sorry that I could not write the whole story about the trip because our lecturer came up with a ‘brilliant’ policy; “What happens in Tioman, stays in Tioman”. So as a student (and also to avoid getting a C+ instead of an A) I have to abide whatever he says. The best thing I can do is to publish the photos in Tioman and let you guess whether or not we had fun (which can be seen on Facebook). Lastly, I would like to thank the leaders for making such memorable trip and we really did enjoy ourselves. Im sorry if I’ve done anything wrong (although I don’t think I did), I mean, hey, whatever happens in Tioman, stays in Tioman, kan?
Dottie loves DH5A!

p/s: i hope everything goes well with our next project.