A general question to all – do you read magazines to improve your general knowledge or just to read about celebrities’ latest gossips? If you do read magazines to improve your general knowledge, vocabulary and grammar, the best magazine to read is MEP – The Magazine Towards English Proficiencies. The name itself explains what this magazine is all about. It has a complete package – useful information on what’s going on (no, not about who Kim Kardashian is currently dating or with whom Paris Hilton is shooting her next porn movie with) but what is really happening around the world.

The magazine is divided into few sections, in which four of them are published every issue. The four sections that I mentioned are Feature story, Medicine & Health, Profile and Language Matters. There are also sections on entertainment, history, leisure and also teen stuff but these only published in any other issues.

It is a norm for magazines to publish the feature stories in the middle of the magazine but unlike any other magazines, the first section in MEP is the feature story itself. So far the feature stories that have been published are very informative. From the global warming issue to skyscrapers, oh and also Robert Pattinson (yes, the pale not-so-bad-looking vampire that everyone’s talking about). Mind you, this magazine is not targeted to nerds only.

Medicine & Health section is also very useful as it writes about what symptoms are associated to what diseases and how to prevent from getting sick. In one of the issues, they wrote about acne problem and that is something that would definitely attract girls (and boys too) to read. In Volume 4 for example, the topic was about what we need to know about Influenza A, or better known as H1N1. This topic comes in handy since the second outbreak has just started recently.

As I mentioned earlier, MEP is not restricted for nerds only. Why did I say so is simply because they do have a special two-page profile on selected celebrities (if you’re hoping for gossips, keep on dreaming). They write about the celebrities’ background, their achievements and what are they planning to do in the future. So far, they have written about Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, Mokhtar Dahari a.k.a SuperMokh (the famous football player) and Robert Pattinson just to name few.

History is one of the interesting sections in MEP. One can learn a lot by reading the articles on leaders that have conquered the world such as Julius Caesar and Ganghis Khan. The history writes about the background of the kingdom – what happened before and after these leaders was born, also about what they have done that contributed to the society and how they changed the world.

Searching for words that you don’t know in the dictionary while reading an article is time consuming. Therefore, it is very convenient for readers to understand the articles published in MEP because translations and meanings to some of the hard words used in articles are provided. Readers can learn new words everyday. Apart from that, there is also Language Matters section. It has word games, English idioms & expressions, problem solving cases and also language exercises. To me, the hardest English exercise in this section would be the problem solving. In some problems, the story line is quite long and really cracks your head before you even solve the case.

You can get all these at a very reasonable price – RM10 (West Malaysia) and RM12 (East Malaysia). Get your copy today and learn English the fun way!