I know how much you love me
As I love you more than anyone else in this world
I’m thankful to have a mother like you
A loving, caring and protective mother
But then again
I do need my own space
Not too much
But just a bit
As I’m no longer a small girl
Who needs help every 5 minutes
You’ve brought me up the way you want me to be

I have my own needs and wants
I have my own dreams
But I’ve never said that I don’t want to achieve them
Of course I do
But I want to do it on my own
I’m a big girl now
A young lady as what you’ve been telling me
I was brought up to be a young lady
So please treat me like one

You’ve always been there for me
During my early days involved in any activities
Throughout these years I’ve learnt a lot from you
But now already a young lady I’ve become
It is time for me
To learn things on my own
Of course I need guidance
But on top of that
I need a little space
That’s all I’m asking for